Are chess players and computer programmers nerds?

You may find the answer in the movie “Computer Chess” by Andrew Bujalski.

FIDE Grand Prix 2013 chess tournament in Beijing ends

The 28 year old GM Shakhriyar Mamedyarov won the FIDE Grand Prix 2013 chess tournament in Beijing with 7.0/11 ahead of Alexander Grishuk (6.5/11), Peter Leko and Veselin Topalov (both third place with 6.0/11).

Daniel talks to one of the organizers

On February 24th, several group members went to participate at the Q chess event at the Beijing Olympic shopping mall center. The chess event was organized by ChessIvy and mainly featured kids from 6-12 years old. However, our Chessbeijing group…

'Chess 2: The Sequel' ushers in the year of the snake with the Jungle Queen

One of our local members, Zac, is working on the Chess 2 project. Never heard of Chess 2? Then you should come by to our chess activities. I’m sure Zac will guide you through Chess 2.

4D chess

This Saturday, Jay, a teacher in chemistry, came by at our regular chess games in Beijing and introduced his 4D chess game to us. It features some new figures such as the wizard which can go diagonally throughout the space….

Beijing Tournament ends with wins for Aronian and Hou Yifan

From December 18th to 19th, Beijing hosted the third SportAccord World Mind Games tournament. Levon Aronian won all three mind game chess disciplines: rapid, blitz and blindfold. Silver went to U.S grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura, bronze went to Shakhriyar Mamedyarov of…

Who will play against Hou Yifan?

This month, the Women’s World Chess Cup 2012 are taking place in Khanty-Mansiysk. In the finals, IM Anna Ushenina (2452, UKR) is currently taking the lead against GM Antoaneta Stefanova (2491, BUL): 2-1. The winner will play a match against…

Chess lessons

We now feature chess lessons every Saturday from 3pm to 4:30pm at Cafe de la Poste. Chess instructor Olle from Sweden will guide us through various openings and endgames. If you want to  improve your chess skills, too, please contact…

Full House

As some players returned from their summer vacations, we had many vivid games on last Saturday afternoon. We saw several exciting King’s Indian, Queen Gambit Declined, and Ruy Lopez games.